Oka Chinna Viramam Review


Movie -: Oka Chinna Viramam
Cast and crew :- Sanjay Varma, Naveen Neni, Punarvi Bhupalam, Garima Singh, etc
Banner :- Moon Walk Entertainments
Music :- Bharath Machiraju
Editor :- Aswath Shivkumar
Producer: Sundeep Cheguri
Director :- Sundeep Cheguri

Story ( Spoiler Free):-

Movie opens with intro of Deepak (Sanjay Varma) who gets a threat call asking him to deliver a package failing which his pregnant wife Sameera (Garima Singh) would be eliminated. Later Deepak goes on his car to deliver the package but in between his car breaks down. He is running against time as the caller threatens him with every half an hour. On his way, while delivering the package, he experiences many shocking twists and turns.
To find out how Deepak got into this mysterious problem, what is its connection to Vikrant and what role Assistant Director Bala (Naveen Neni) and actress Maya (Punarnavi Bhoopalam) got to play, wanted to know all the reasons behind it watch Oka Chinna Viramam mystery on the silver screen only.

Sanjay Varma performed well as a tensed husband caring for his pregnant wife dearly. He showed the right kind of expressions and emotions and impressed with his body language. Where as Garima Singh on debut though got the limited but important role which is pivotal to the film’s story, played it perfectly. She carried herself well as a pregnant wife not only bothered about herself but also the children and society.

Naveen Neni and Punarnavi Bhoopalam stole the show with their chemistry. Both performed well creating a laughing riot in a situational manner. Both came with beautiful expressions and emotions to attract everyone.
Every character did justice to their role.

Bharat Machiraju’s music and songs are situational. They are Quite impressive. The way he elevated the scenes with his background score are lit.

Rohit Bachu with his cinematography created a good impact on viewers. The way he used camera angles took movie lovers into the story increasing the interest.

Aswath Shivkumar with his editing tried to keep film crispy.

Director Sundeep Cheguri came with a good story with few twists and turns. Irresepctive of regular commercial formats he tried different and succeeded in his path.
Production values are good.

Flip side:-

Few scenes are dragged.

Overall :-

Director Sundeep Cheguri with Oka Chinna Viramam tried to take movie lovers to a thrilling ride. He starts off on an interesting note and slowly unravels each and every thread in a thrilling and interesting manner. The way he presented the film was quite impressive and the
comedy scenes involving Punarnavi Bhoopalam, Naveen Neni came out beautifully and turned out to be the highlight in the film.The comedy scenes dominated the threat calls and in a slow and steady manner, the first half ends on a smooth and interesting note.

The narration picks up pace in the second half and a couple of twists take viewers by surprise. However, he correlated the entire sequences in a beautiful manner. Though the pre-climax confuses viewers a little bit, he unraveled the mystery in a beautiful manner showcasing the husband and wife’s love and caring towards each other.
With a different genere, director generated film with good screenplay. A little bit fine-tuning would have worked wonders for the film. We have to wait and see how audience would receive this film.

Rating: 3.25/5


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