Oorantha Anukuntunnaru Film Review


Starring : Naveen VijayaKrishna, Srinivasa Avasarala, Megha Chowdhury, Sophiya Singh, Rao Ramesh, Jayasudha, Kota Srinivasarao

Director : Balaji Sanala

Producers : Srihari Mangalampalli, Ramya Gogula, PLN Reddy

Music Director : K.M. RadhaKrishnan

Cinematography : GLN Baabu

Editor : Madhu

Naveen Vijay Krishna is back with his new film Oorantha Anukuntunnaru. The film was released today and let’s see how the film turns out to be.

Story :

Ramapuram is a very rich and prosperous village filled with lovely people. However, they have a weird custom that if a couple wants to get married, the entire village needs to approve of it. On the other hand, the elders in the village decide that Mahesh(Naveen Chandra) and Gauri(Megha Chowdary) should get married. But the twist here is that Mahesh falls in love with Maya(Sophiya) and Gauri falls in love with Siva(Sreenivasa Avasarala). How will this tricky situation get solved? Will Mahesh and Gauri be successful in love? To know that, you have to watch the film.

Plus Points :

The family relations showcased in the film look good. Naveen Vijay Krishna was decent in his role. When compared to his previous film, he has improved a lot and is at more ease in front of the screen. Sreenivasa Avasarala is known for his comedy touch and he showcased it well in this film. Even in serious situations, he acted well with his Tamil dialogue delivery.

Megha Chowdary was good in her leading role and did well in all the emotional scenes. Sophia, the other heroine provided good glamour touch to the film. Rao Ramesh was at his usual best with his unique dialogue delivery. Jayasudha brought a lot of depth to the film. It was good to see Koata Sreeniva Rao in a good role after a long gap.

There are way too many scenes in the first half which helped in telling the story well. The family emotions are good and they came out well. There is no forced comedy in the film too. The romantic scenes also came out well.

The director stressed the conflict point perfectly and has focused on good tracks that will entertain the audiences. Except for the climax, a lot of other things also created much impact. The characters have much depth too.

Technical Aspects:

Music by Radha Krishna was pretty disappointing as none of the songs clicked in the film. But his BGM was good. Editing is pathetic as many scenes could have been avoided. Production values of the film are top-notch and were ably supported by the rich camerawork. Coming to the director Balaji, he has done a disappointing job with the film. Even though he had rich content and conflict point, he sidetracked the film with his poor narration.


On the whole, Oorantha Anukuntunnaru is a boring and outdated family drama with forced emotions and dull narration. The basic conflict point is not elevated making things boring for the audience. Except for the climax, this film has nothing much to offer and can be left alone this week.


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