Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Kushi’ is not a story-driven film but a concept-oriented movie | An opinion by Abhiram


Though my parents like to watch old movies on TV, I love going to theatres to watch new movies. For the first time in my life, I saw a movie twice in theatres (bought tickets in black both the times). After watching the film, I got the lyrics to the book of that movie and also bought an audio cassette of the film (I already have the music CD of that film).

Here is my opinion on the film ‘Kushi’ which I liked in every aspect.

Madhu and Sidhu belong to different regions and joins the same college in Hyderabad. Their friendship soon blossoms into love. But because of an ego fight, they decide to part their ways. How they got back together again forms the rest of the story.

“No one can change our destiny” is the major story idea of the film. When a girl and boy are destined to be together, though they are in two different regions or countries and no matter what kind of situation they are in, destiny will always bring them back together. A girl and a boy meeting each other, falling in love, breaking up with each other, and getting back together is the story of the film. There were no such destiny related films in Tollywood at that time. Also, there will no villains in the film which really is a fresh element at that time and ego is the major negative thing in the film which plays a crucial role in disturbing the relationship between the leads.

The movie is an official Telugu remake of Tamil film with the same title starring Vijay and Jyothika in the lead roles. But we can say that the Telugu version is even more beautiful than the original version. The Telugu version focussed more on the childhood scenes of Madhu and Sidhu as well and the makers have made some changes in the story to suit the Telugu nativity. There will be some visible changes between the two stories, especially in the village sequences. Also, in the Telugu version, the hero introduction song will be in Hindi. It is the first time a Telugu film song having Hindi lyrics completely.

SV Krishna Reddy’s Subhalagnam – An opinion by Abhiram

Usually, one or two songs from a film will become chartbusters. But, Mani Sharma has given some mesmerizing tunes for this film and all the songs became instant chartbusters. The album is still considered one of the most popular albums in Tollywood. Also, the cinematography of PC Sriram brought more beauty to the film. Especially, the scene where Hero looks at the heroine’s waist became popular in the Telugu version. Coming to the writing, ‘Kushi’ is not a story-driven film but a concept-oriented movie. Aspiring writers can learn so much from this film. Be it hero and heroine joining the same college or meeting in their childhood, instead of telling us with dialogues, the director tried to show the visuals which added more meaning to the destiny concept. Else, the fight between the lead actors before the interval would also have been meaningless. So, the director first told us the stories of hero and heroine and then made them meet after 40 minutes of the film which game two advantages for the writer.

1. He can make the audience get used to the concept of destiny.

2. When the leads broke up, then the audience will get a feeling that the leads parted their ways before their friendship blossomed into love.

When it comes to star hero movies, then it should have the elements the audience want to see. In Calcutta, there’s a fight and an introduction song. In Hyderabad, there is a scene where Hero bashes up a rowdy gang.

Also, in the climax, there is an item song ‘Holi Holi’. The movie has everything the audience love to see in their favorite hero’s film. As he wrote the story without a villain, he used Babu and Shanti’s roles to bring communication back between the leads after the break.

Ego is the main villain in the entire story and Gudumba Sathi is just a dummy villain. We also have the punch dialogues and outstanding fight sequences. The movie later got remade in other languages but the Telugu version is considered as one of the best feelings and is remembered as a classic hit in Tollywood. I thank SJ Surya, Rajendra Kumar, PC Sriram, and Mani Sharma for this wonderful film.

Writer’s Note:

Most of us like to get involved in the story and connect with the emotions of the lead actors while watching a film. So, here I am to share my opinions on some of my favorite films. I haven’t done any film appreciation courses and I am just doing this out of passion.



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