Ram Charan’s ‘Orange’ turned bitter

Mega Power Star Ram Charan who entered the industry as Megastar Chiranjeevi’s son and scored the biggest blockbuster with ‘Magadheera’ immediately came up with a romantic film titled as ‘Orange’. The story is about a guy who doesn’t believe that love lasts forever and a girl who believes that love is forever. Songs by Harris Jayaraj became chartbusters even before the release of the film and took the expectations to the next level. But the film received a lukewarm response from the opening day itself and eventually ended up as the biggest disaster at the box office. Today, let’s analyze the reasons behind the failure of this film.
As I mentioned earlier, each and every song in the film became a chartbuster. Even the cinematography is also excellent. The film has a Bollywood film kind of setup, decent artwork, and popular lead actors who were at the peak of their careers. Despite having so many positive points, why the movie failed to impress the audience?
Coming to the story, the story revolves around a small concept that love doesn’t last forever and people have to lie or cheat to save a relationship. Even director Bhaskar’s previous movies Bommarillu and Parugu also used the same concept. But, screenplay became plus points for those films whereas the screenplay became the biggest minus point in this movie.
The first impression is the best impression. So, it is really important how we are starting a story. Orange movie starts off differently. “If he doesn’t love my daughter, he should not be alive,” says the heroine’s father Prabhu and sends villains against the hero. The police also arrive at the same time and when Prakash Raj who played the role of a Police Officer asks, hero Ram Charan starts to narrate his story. The hero starts with his first love story with his class teacher and then his other love story with a school friend. Just when he was about to narrate another story, Prakash Raj stops him. On the other hand, the heroine’s character got introduced as a girl who is so confused about who to love. She likes the first person who looks handsome, the second person because of his sense of humor, and third person because he plays Golf well. She gets introduced as a desperate girl who is extremely confused about whom to pick among these three. (I don’t even want to start about her screams).
Even after establishing the characters in a bad way, the hero’s character tries to impress the heroine’s character by following her everywhere which almost feels like eve-teasing. Feel is the major element in love stories. But there is no such thing in the storyline. Though some scenes like truth or dare and flashback love story scenes are really good, they are not enough to take the movie forward.
The stories of Naga babu and his wife, Prabhu and his wife, hero’s sister and brother in law are just half baked. The climax is also really confusing. When heroine requests to leave Graffiti for her, Hero doesn’t agree and also reveals the reason to Prakash Raj. Heroine’s father Prabhu who understands it walks away from there. But suddenly, Hero realizes something and says that he can leave Graffiti for her and throws the Graffiti bottle away which makes the audience feel that hero’s character who doesn’t like compromises is finally getting compromised. So, the uncertain screenplay becomes became a major setback.
Megastar Chiranjeevi has so many mass fans. Even Ram Charan’s previous movie ‘Magadheera’ became a mass hit. So, the audience might not have expected a class movie like ‘Orange’ from him. If producer Nagababu had made the movie on a medium budget, then, he would have come out of the film with minimal losses. So, factors like this become the reasons behind the failure of the film. ‘Orange’ is a perfect example to showcase what will happen if the director does not take good care of the screenplay as well as the characterizations of the lead actors.

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