Theory behind unique codes on railway coaches? Here is the surprising story of them!


You may have traveled on a train at least once in your life. Railway transportation is one of the major modes of transportation in our country. Indian Railways is one of the largest railway networks in the world. If you have traveled on the train, you may have observed a unique code on every train. Have you wondered what those codes are all about? Today, we bring you the story behind codes on the Railway bogies.

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For example, you see the number 97345 on a bogie, the first two numbers imply the year of manufacture of that bogie. In this case, 9 and 7 are the first two numbers. It means that the bogie got manufactured in 1997. Generally, these codes have 3,4 or 5 digits. Whatever might be the length of the code, the first two numbers always imply the year of manufacture. Only a few trains like Rajdhani Express use a different pattern of code.

Coming to the last three digits of the code, it implies what type of compartment the particular bogie is.

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1. 025-050 implies Composite 1st AC or AC two-tier
2. 050-100 implies AC two-tier
3. 101-150 implies AC three-tier
4. 151-200 implies AC Chair car
5. 200-400 implies Second Class
6. 401-600 implies General Second Class
7. 601-700 implies 2L Sitting Jan Shatabdi Chair Car
8. 701-800 implies Sitting Cum Luggage Rake

In the above case, the last three digits are 345. That means the coach belongs to Second Class. This is the story behind codes we see on the railway coaches.


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