Trinity Saioo and his journey to Padma awards 2020


Trinity Saioo is a tribal farmer who got conferred with the honorable Padma Shri award. Trinity who hails from Mulieh village in West Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya has spearheaded the women-led turmeric farming movement in Meghalaya which enabled the women farmers to triple their incomes.

Saioo is a mother of six children who works as a school teacher. After her contribution, people started calling her ‘Turmeric Trinity’. She worked with the Lakadong variety of turmeric and also helped the illiterate women in learning the methods of organic farming which boosted their earnings.

It all started when Trinity joined hands with 25 farmers from Mulieh and received some support from the Spices Board. She also encouraged other farmers from the adjoining villages to be a part of the movement. After four years, she got the support of 800 farmers who came together to cultivate the Lakadong variety of the turmeric crop in their respective villages.

Lakadong is a variety of turmeric available in the Jaintia hills. It is rich in curcumin content of about 7%. When compared to usual varieties of turmeric which contain only 1-3% of curcumin, Lakadong is superior. Scientists also proved that curcumin possesses natural anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. So, Lakadong turmeric has a high market demand because of its unique taste, flavor, aroma and vibrant color.

Trinity has realized the value of this variety and commercialized it with the help of the other uneducated villagers. This extremely helped to make their ends meet by farming. She has been expanding the area of Lakadong turmeric cultivation in the country as well. As of now, she has over 100 self-help groups working in the federation exports the Lakadong turmeric to North-eastern states and also to Kerala and Karnataka in South India.


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