Unsung Heroes of Hyderabad!


It’s Diwali’s night. As the entire city is lit and celebrations are on a full swing with family and friends. Did you ever spot a traffic police executing his duties amidst the festive fervor? Ever wondered how can one possibly be working instead of celebrating with his family. Not just him, Fire Officers, Pharmacists, Doctors, general police officers, and many others are on duty while all the others around them are high on festive mode. Ever thought, what must be going through their mind at such situations?

On chilling winter mornings, when it is too cold which makes it too easy to press the snooze button, just as you stay in your cozy bed to get an extra hour’s sleep there is a sweeper who gears up to keep our city clean. Same is the case with our domestic help, milkmen, School Bus Drivers and a lot of them still make it to work so that thousands of others won’t experience any inconvenience. Ever thought, what must be going through their mind at such situations?

The nurses at the hospitals helping the patients at the odd hours, the ticket collecting guys in the theaters, people who are responsible for erecting the big-big hoardings which are actually a decoration to the city, those late night patrolling cops, our apartments watchmen, attenders at our offices, and lots and lots of other DREAMERS who work a lot for making all others’ lives so easy.

But they get paid for their jobs, right? Why give so much credit? Why do we have to care?

Ever wonder what if these ‘petty’ people decided not to turn up to work one fine day? it would create havoc. As we go on about our day, we need them in every single step. We raise in the path to our success with their help. While we chase our dreams, they just are trying to help someone else pursue their dreams. They continue doing the same for the rest of their life.

Where do they get inspiration from? what drives them to do mundane things day in and day out? it has to be something more than making both ends meet, What keeps them moving? when the world is zooming towards the bigger things in life, they choose to be standing still, why so?

The story of success attracts a lot of ears, but the story of Survival also needs to be heard. Survival is everything, and here, we bring the reality behind the survival of many around us.

We don’t tell stories but show you the reality behind a lot of survivals around us.

The Unsung Heroes of Hyderabad.


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