Violence + Nuisance = Sukumar’s ‘Jagadam’


‘Jagadam’ is a movie starring Ram Pothineni whose previous movie ‘Devadas’ became a hit. Director Sukumar who scored a super hit like ‘Arya’ helmed this project. Devi Sri Prasad’s music, Ratnavelu’s cinematography, and Sukumar mark taking became the plus points for the film. But, despite having so many positive points, the movie has failed to impress the audience. Here is my analysis of the reasons behind the failure of the film.


Every human has an animal instinct. But because of the social norms, we suppress that this is according to the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud. This is the major concept of Jagadam movie. The story revolves around a guy name Seenu who grew up around violence and how he ended up becoming a criminal.

Every character in this film has some typical features. Based on those features, the director has picked the actors. It is called character fitness. If the actor is not suitable for a particular character, then we can say that there is no character fitness. In Jagadam movie, I strongly feel that there is no character fitness. Some features of Ram are apt for the character. But, the graph of Seenu’s character also grows with every scene. So, eventually, Ram also lost the character fitness for that role.

While talking in an interview, the movie director Sukumar revealed that he initially thought of roping in Mahesh Babu and even wrote the script keeping him in his mind. Later, he even thought of making a film with Allu Arjun. But, as none of his trials worked out, he started the film with Ram. He also revealed that he wanted to keep Allu Arjun as the hero and wanted to rope in a guy like Ram for the brother character. But, as Ram became the hero, Sukumar reduced the age of Hero’s brother character as well.

If the movie featured another hero like Allu Arjun in the lead role, then the outcome might have been different. There is a scene of picking the leader for the gang and when all of Seenu’s friends step backward, only Seenu’s character will stand in the constant position. The audience can only see the shadows in that scene. It is one of the popular scenes and it would have gained a thumping response if the scene came to a star hero. Even director Rajamouli said the same.

Keeping the hero’s character aside, even the heroine’s role also became the biggest minus point for this film. she enters after 30 minutes of the film. Though Hero claims that she has an average figure, the introduction shots of her are highly elevating her. The director might have thought that she is enough for that role. But, all the scenes between the lead actors feel like some speed breakers in the film. Some scenes are also vulgar.

Ram is a great performer. He sure has succeeded in impressing a set of audience. Though he doesn’t have any character fitness, the audience will connect well with his character. Also, the runtime of more than 2 hours 40 minutes is one of the major setbacks. The movie became the biggest example to prove that trimming the runtime is also important otherwise the movies can end up as a disaster at the box office.


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