Why ‘1 Nenokkadine’ movie failed to live up to the expectations? | An opinion by Abhiram

Mahesh Babu’s outstanding performance, Kriti Sanon’s flawless beauty, Devi Sri Prasad’s amazing music, Rathnavelu’s excellent cinematography, and Sukumar mark screenplay… Despite having all these elements, the movie has utterly failed to impress the audience. Here is my analysis of the reasons behind its failure.
There is a rock musician who suffers from a psychological disorder. The story is about him and his trials to know about his parents and his past.
Even today, some of the audience will claim that the movie is one of the classic films and is like a guide for good screenplay writing. But, the movie failed to score big at the box office and ended up as a disaster. This is one of the few Tollywood films which has got the most divided talk.
Even in some blockbuster movies, there will be some small mistakes in terms of screenplay or story. But, as the audience overlook them and the films will succeed at the box office. But, in ‘1 Nenokkadine’, despite having small mistakes they showed a huge impact on the outcome of the film. A group of people might not agree that it is an experimental film. But, as far as I am concerned, ‘1 Nenokkadine’ is definitely an experimental movie. Despite having regular commercial elements like revenge, action, etc, the story is extremely different and has a unique approach and we should definitely appreciate Mahesh Babu and Sukumar for this film.
Coming to the mistakes in the movie, Sukumar used the concept of hallucinations in ‘Arya 2’ for comedy. But in ‘1 Nenokkadine, he used it as the major element. The entire story revolves around it but as the director has used the concept too much, some of the scenes felt repeated. The heroine makes the hero believe that he is an orphan and the images of his parents getting murdered in his mind are nothing but hallucinations. But after killing Kelly George, the hero realized that he indeed has a tragic past and all his hallucinations are real. The interval scene is superb.
But even after revealing that hero is not hallucinating, the director tried to hint that he might be hallucinating again which became the major setback. When Posani Krishna Murali asks who is Sameera, some thought that is an extraordinary twist whereas the rest of the audience got tired of his hallucinations.
The mistake that happened in ‘Khaleja’ took place in this movie as well. The last 30 minutes of the film so many things which are not at all related to the story that happened till now will take place and the movie came to an end when the director tried to convey that golden rice is the main concept of the film. So, most of the audience doesn’t even remember that scene. Epilogue scenes include Nasser revealing the truth and Mahesh Babu searching for his house by remembering the rhyme won’t create much impact on the audience as the villain was already dead by then. So, the last 10 minutes of the film just became extra scenes.
The mistake happened in narrating the actual story and showcasing the real emotions. the audience didn’t like the movie much. Though the movie only has a few mistakes, the audience failed to forgive or forget them. Also, the budget became one of the minus points for this movie. Just like ‘Khaleja’, if the budget is less, the producers might not have faced huge losses.
We should definitely appreciate an attempt like this. Just like how Sukumar scored a blockbuster like Rangasthalam without stopping his trials, we should also realize that we should keep on trying until we succeed.

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Writer’s Note:

Most of us like to get involved in the story and connect with the emotions of the lead actors while watching a film. So, here I am to share my opinions on some of my favorite films. I haven’t done any film appreciation courses and I am just doing this out of passion.



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