Why contestant families targeting Ali reza silly reasons


Why contestant families targeting Ali reza silly reasons

Biggboss is a famous reality show, which had successfully completed 2 seasons and 3rd season is in finale stage. Everyone thinks it is a scripted show which consists of fake emotions.

Ali reza is one of the finale contestant in Season 3. He is very strong contestant and in every task he provides his 110% efforts in order to make audience impress with his performance.

Audience are surprisingly shocked to sudden elimination of Ali reza and supported unanimously to make way for his re-entry.

As everything goes out well, Ali reza has gained huge craze which makes opponents to think about Ali. In this process at the time of weekend episode where all families and freinds came on to the stage everyone targeted to Ali reza with a silly statement ” he made re-entry so he should not be winner” with this statements spoken by all other contestants family members, everyone in the house targeted Ali reza for slilly reasons. As he is kind at heart with no back stabbing and providing his 110% efforts.

If you clearly see the epsiode of Ticket to finale Ali reza had secured 70% battery board. He played task with Baba bhaskar it was a tough situation as the task was started at mid night arround 2.30 A.M imagine once how can we be active at that time, but at that time too Ali reza had given his complete efforts to win the finale ticket but all of a sudden It was cancelled by biggboss because of fights.

Even though the task itself a mixed of Fights but with all silly reasons and targeting of Other contestants family members on stage made Ali to think about his game and moved on with his settled performances and impressed audeince in weight lifting task which is arround 40kg.

At last Ali reza is Safe and entered into finale because everyone knows Ali reza is a strong contestant and tuff competetor to everyone.

We need to wait and see how Ali reza is going to do this week. Hope genunity wins.


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